Basics Of A Jack And The Beanstalk Slot In A Casino

People go to casinos to play online slots, such as Jack and the Beanstalk, and other virtual games. They wager money and in return, expect to win huge sums of money as well. There are some games which are very popular around the world. The jack and beanstalk game is one such game. If you want to play the game, and you are a beginner, you should know all the basics of the game. A regular player at a casino would already know most of it. For a beginner some of the basics are as follows given below.

All basic information

This is a game which deals with the quests of a boy in his search for treasures. It has adapted the well known story of jack and the bean tree giant in a very classic manner for any video games. The quest is almost the same. What you have is a few extra features which make the game much more worth playing. The graphics are really good and there is a soundtrack throughout the quest which matches its mood completely. All in all, most players will be motivated to play this game once they start with it. This is guaranteed.



Playing at a casino

The first step to playing it is to make a bet on your jack and the beanstalk slot. After having done so, you need to click on the green button at the lower part to get the reels spinning. Also the maximum bet option is for the reels using the maximum pay line and bet level with the active coin level on your slot. Your wins may go either way. This is a very interesting game and has managed to hook many game lovers worldwide.

The video slots

The payout percentage for a jack and the beanstalk slot is around 96.1 theoretically. These casino slots are usually video slots. It consists of ten win lines. Apart from this, it also has three rows and five separate reels to play. The special features include the starburst wilds. This lets the win lines proceed in both directions by expanding over the entire reel. These video slots are easy to handle. But in case of any difficulty or confusion, video tutorials are always available to help you out with all your confusion. So it should not be much of a problem at all.

Limits on bets

There are limits for the amount of bets on a starburst slot or table. This is a slot with ten win lines. These slots offer a double chance to win as they are arranged from left to right and vice versa. The level of your bet or the number of coins you want to bet per win line is quite adjustable. You may bet one to ten coins per win line with coin values being adjustable in between one cent to one euro. Different possibilities are found out by combining the win lines with the level of the bet and the values of the coin. It leads to different profits. If played carefully, you can win substantial amount of money.


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